Friday, February 11, 2005

Abba! Anthu Thirga Bande

Ayyappa! Ee dabba nann magand net connectionalli Ee post open maadakke aagtha irlilla! Sadhya! Eevaththu thirga open maaddhe.

Exams bagge helbekandre Client Server Computing bittu mikkiddella naanandkondaddakintha chennagi maadiddini. CS swalpa sariyaagi madilla. Ishtu divsadinda helakkagde iddidanna eevaththu helde.

Coming back to English, was reading "Rage Of Angels" - an old novel of 1970s by Sidney Sheldon. It is nice. Once readable. I Feel reading a novel in Kannada is more interesting than any other novel mainly for two reasons.
  1. Nobody can understand better in any language other than his mother tongue.
  2. All English novels I read were only suspense concentrated. May be there are novels which are more valued but also I feel reading novels by Bhairappa, Karanth is filled with more moral values.

Characters in novels which I liked was

  • Jennifer Parker - for her wit.
  • Robert Di Silva - for his arrogance and competition with Jennifer
  • Joshua Adam Parker - A nice little boy who dies early unfortunately.
  • Ken Bailey - for his helping nature.

Another thing abt these English novels is they concentrate more on sex un-necessarily( except for a few ). They should try writing something other than that whenever possible.

Thought of reading some XML or ASP.NET but couldn't even touch the book. Think of leaning to ride a bike, not interested. Will try to learn riding within this vacation.

More on Tommorow's page. Keep waiting.