Thursday, January 12, 2006


Hi All!!!

I'm writing this blog in English coz i want everybody to look at this.

This post was the result of the post i saw in Seena's blog. He has some weird definitions for kaats but i have my own.


They are the most hatable people ever on earth. Atleast by me. I'll give ya the reasons why.

If you're still wondering who are kaats? i wanna say that Kaats are those adamant, idiotic, ill tasted, uncultured crooks.
Really wanna see them?? Go to K.R.Market!!!!

If you think that i'm blaming Kaats based on their looks, taste or some thing tangible, you are wrong. These are the secondary things i dislike in them. The primary thing is their attitude. Those idiots are so adamant that they dont wanna change according to the environment but want the environment to change for them.

Go to market or probably Shivajinagar or any Kaat concentrated areas like Malleshwara, any of the towns in Bangalore like Frazer town, Cox town etc., You find plenty of Kaats speaking their own language ( Which is so ambiguous!! ). If you are a new-comer to the area or have come to purchase anything, Even if you speak in Kannada, they wont even turn towards you. They want you to speak their own Kaat language. They coming to someone's land wants the others to speak their language which is so cruel in all sense. You can find kaats in all south Indian languages except Kannada.

People from all over the world come to the Garden City to enjoy its beauty. Bangalore was at its peak 5 or 7 years before. Since then, the invasion from others are so much that Kannadigaas are minority in Bangalore. Enthaha viparyaasa???

Coming to Bangalore, they wont keep quiet. They pollute this place, they spoil this place, the roads. I dont say that Kannadigaas are all good everytime but most are. ( You may just get angry with this statement ).

They spoil the roads, the vehicle density in Bangalore is increasing more than the exponential rate and we need to control. I do agree that roads wear frequently but its not solely the government to be blamed. We the citizens of Bangalore can do atleast something about it. Can't we?

Another point is that I do have friends who are living in Bangalore and dont even know the Basic Kannada. This is really hopeless. They are trying to make Kannada extinct, these idiotic Kaats.

Still have a lot of points, but it will take me somewhere else. I guess i'll finish with this post. Comments are always welcome. Expect more in the coming blog posts.


Olle Suddi!

Nanna praatha smaraneeyaralli obbaraada Dr.S.L.Bhairappa navarige Pampa prashasthi siktha irodu thumba khushi aagtha ide. Avara Kaadambariya sogasu odidavarige goththu. Innu neevu avara yaava kaadambari odhilla andre odhakke shuru maadi. Shuru maadidre bidakke manassagalla.

Avara Kaadambarigalalli naanu odhirodhu andre Doora Saridaru, Dharmashri, Parva, Naayi Neralu, Anveshana, innu halavu. Sikkidare bidabedi.

Vyatheya vishaya enantha andre Avarige eshtu baari JnanaPeeta prashasthi sigo sandharbha iddru avaranna aayke maadade irodu. Adakke Kaarana avara aatmakathana 'Bhitthi' yalli huduki. Naanu adanna illi prasthaapa maadakke hogalla. Haagantha avaranna prashasthigala mele aleyodu sariyalla. Avaru yaavaththiddru nanna gurugale.

Nanage ee dina thumba khushi aagtha ide.

Bhairappanavarige Jnanapeeta sigali antha aashisuththa.......................