Friday, June 17, 2005

After my Engineering??!!

Ellaru kelore! aamele en maadthiya! aamele en maadthiyantha?

Nanganthu eexam mugidide! nann real ambition enappantha andre Himalayakke hogodu! alli thapas madkond iddbidodu! esht chennagiraththalva? Aadre en maadodu! adakkella yaara supportu illa! Sadhyakke ondh ippathth divsa aaramaagi maneliddu aamele enadru maadanantha andkondiddini. Enagathantha innondh divsa blogalli helthini.

Avnige alli kelsa sikthu, ivnige illi kelsa sikkthu antha mane hatra irorella helode! ninge campus interview aaglillva? yaako? antha function ge banda auntiru kelodu! muchkond irakke aagalvantha avrugalige? kelsa sikd mele avrugaligella neatagi shape eth beku.

Currently I finished S.L.Bhairappa's novel Anveshana which is really good! adara thirulanna helthini, keluvanthavaraagi. As told by Bhairappa, The main role in this novel is shown indirectly. There is no direct conversation with the lead role ( with a few exceptions, Obviously! ). The novel is narrated by the characters encountered by the main role ( Vishwanatha ). Every character analyzes Vishwanatha from their perspective which Bhairappa has described very well. A nice novel to read.

I've now started Dan Brown's "Angels & Demons". Quite interesting! Thought of finishing it by this weekend!

Thats it for now. Will blog sooner.

Take care!