Tuesday, January 18, 2005

One Down Five To Go

Eevaththu CN exam aaythu. Did okay! not good, not bad! A hell lot of confusion between each layers to study. Syllabus was more. Couldn't complete the whole syllabus as well today's paper.

Belagge aidhu ippaththakke echchara aaythu. Elakku manasilla, odakku manasilla. sumne haage biddkondidde. Aamele elle beku anisthu. Bega Snana ella maadkondre aamele CN neatagi odbahudu antha ella mugiskong koothe. Ella chennagi artha aagaththe aadre idu bariyontha subject alla. Bariyontha subject aadru syllabusalli erad semester ge aagovashtu assign maadbittidare. Oddake chennagiraththe, bariyakke alla.

After finishing my daily duties, got ready to go to college. Met with all friends after say 20 days. Then our gang went to a cool place to read, but kept on talking about our holidays. Meanwhile we used to read something and would get confused with other layers. The exam was OK, not to the extent of CG which was the worst paper ever attended by me. Completed for 88 - 90 marks. Hoping to get 60( if dabba nann maga invigilator grants! Huh! ).

Came home. thought of studying CS (Client Server Architecture ) as IP is a bit easy. But couldn't ever read uptill now. Will try to do that atleast after lunch( hope I dont get sleep within 12 ). See you for today!


Monday, January 17, 2005

don't have much time...

Got to get ready for CN. Should finish Network layer and then Application Layer. Pursothth illa. Blog baribeku antha baritha iddini. Sadhyakke enu bariyo tymilla! naale sikkthini. bye!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Things are not going as I think...

For me, today things are not going as i thought. Thought of completing Transport Layer by today! but i'm afraid of completing it. There was a typo error in yesterday's post! "event" instead of "even". Sorry for that!

A section behind to complete Transport Layer. Not much done except reading for today. Started at 10 was almost reading except for lunch and snacks. Over are those days when I used to read at least 25-30 pages per hour. Now are the days where i struggle to complete 10 pages. I dont know why?

Eevaththu nange ondh Aascharya kaadiththu! namm hale meshtru, high schoolalli helkodthiddoru P.G.MaleMath antha. Avranna T.V alli noddhe "Ede thumbi haaduvenu" anno programmalli. Judge aagi bandidru. Thumba khushi aaythu. Avru nange helkodthirlillandru kelavu sarthi sanna putta doubts iddre avranna keltha idde( namm teacher bandirlillandre ).

Eevaththu innondh vishya thilisakke ishta padthini. Evaththu ade programalli Zakir Navab antha obbaru bhagavahisiddru. Avrige enandre "na" anno kade "na"( Kannada goththirorge ) helthiddru. Adanna keli ella nagtha iddru. Nangyako adu sariyannislilla. Adanna avrige uchcharislikke aagtha irlilla. Adanna nodi nagodhu sariyalla. Adondh point bittre chennage haadtha iddru. Aadru bereyavre geddru. Avru chennagi haadiddhu bere maathu.

Ottnalli eega thumba odakke ide. Enen oddhe antha naale barithini. Alli thanaka ellaru chennagiri antha heltha evaththina kathe mugisthini.


Saturday, January 15, 2005

Couldn't publish a post in NannBlog

En maadodappa! Aa NannBlog alli ondh post publish maadakke aaglilla! Aa Benny Hinn bagge criticize maadi bardhiddhe. Adenopa, adu thogolle illa. Couldn't create! Error antha bartha iththu!

Trying to read CN and to some extent satisfied. Came to know about Benny yesterday in Ravi Belagere's Crime Diary. Saw his bundle Leelas on the TV and wondered why people event in this .NET world are believing such foolish, superstitious things.

Unfortunately for me he is coming to Bangalore and that too near my residence. (Jakkur AirField, Near Byatarayanapura). Hope they invite him with a black flag!

Will concentrate on learning CN more. Bye!

Friday, January 14, 2005

Sankranthi Acharistha idde

Ellargu Makara Sankranthiya haardhika shubhashayagalu.

Eevaththu Sankranthiyannu endinanthe acharisidvi. It was nice. Bound to read, studied about compression techniques in CN. Not much happened! Met with family friends and the day is over. Thought of finishing 12th chap of ALG & IW's Communication Networks, but i'm afraid of doing that as i'm feeling sleepy!

Hoping to complete it!

Good night!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

I dont know what to write over here

This is just a blog created to make one. I cont know what to write over here.

Anyway! i'll just write what i feel writing this blog. I just did nothing today except othla! Got to study for the exams. Feeling bored of reading those raw texts. that it for today!

Ellargu shubhavaagalendu koruva Sandesha Karantha