Saturday, January 15, 2005

Couldn't publish a post in NannBlog

En maadodappa! Aa NannBlog alli ondh post publish maadakke aaglilla! Aa Benny Hinn bagge criticize maadi bardhiddhe. Adenopa, adu thogolle illa. Couldn't create! Error antha bartha iththu!

Trying to read CN and to some extent satisfied. Came to know about Benny yesterday in Ravi Belagere's Crime Diary. Saw his bundle Leelas on the TV and wondered why people event in this .NET world are believing such foolish, superstitious things.

Unfortunately for me he is coming to Bangalore and that too near my residence. (Jakkur AirField, Near Byatarayanapura). Hope they invite him with a black flag!

Will concentrate on learning CN more. Bye!

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