Tuesday, January 18, 2005

One Down Five To Go

Eevaththu CN exam aaythu. Did okay! not good, not bad! A hell lot of confusion between each layers to study. Syllabus was more. Couldn't complete the whole syllabus as well today's paper.

Belagge aidhu ippaththakke echchara aaythu. Elakku manasilla, odakku manasilla. sumne haage biddkondidde. Aamele elle beku anisthu. Bega Snana ella maadkondre aamele CN neatagi odbahudu antha ella mugiskong koothe. Ella chennagi artha aagaththe aadre idu bariyontha subject alla. Bariyontha subject aadru syllabusalli erad semester ge aagovashtu assign maadbittidare. Oddake chennagiraththe, bariyakke alla.

After finishing my daily duties, got ready to go to college. Met with all friends after say 20 days. Then our gang went to a cool place to read, but kept on talking about our holidays. Meanwhile we used to read something and would get confused with other layers. The exam was OK, not to the extent of CG which was the worst paper ever attended by me. Completed for 88 - 90 marks. Hoping to get 60( if dabba nann maga invigilator grants! Huh! ).

Came home. thought of studying CS (Client Server Architecture ) as IP is a bit easy. But couldn't ever read uptill now. Will try to do that atleast after lunch( hope I dont get sleep within 12 ). See you for today!


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