Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hate to work under a person!

I dunno why? but I dont like to work under any person. I've found that quality in me since I joined here at VP. Everybody here is so friendly, but still I'm not really what I am. Wanna be a free bird. May be it is in my blood.

None of my ancestors, my dad, grandpa as well as great grandpa worked under somebody. They are independent, self initiated. They are great personalities I always remember. You may think that I'm a koopamanduka( a frog in a well ), but I've learnt a lot from them. Now i'm feeling that we should search our roots. We Indians are not exactly what we are 300 - 400 years before. Those Indians were not the ones before the invasion of the Muslims ( Mohd Ghazni & Mohd Ghori ). I feel like why those idiots invaded our country. We were so rich that even after invasion, we were unshaken.Our existance proves that.

As I said before we should concentrate more on our culture than imitating others. We should study the Vedas, Upanishads. Thats really a lot for us for a single lifetime. More than that. But thats all impossible when you look at the present India.

I've purposefully written this in nglish so that anybody who can't unnerstand Kannada can just have a look at it and change their mind. Hope they do so. More of this the next time I blog.

For now, lets wind up!


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