Thursday, April 20, 2006

Listening to Eminem and Limp Bizkit!

Hi guys!

Back with today's post!( in the midst of interesting work!!!)

Work is getting more and more interesting! Getting to know more and more about the product we're developing! Getting a clearer picture everyday! My routine has been changed. I used to spend a lot checking mails before. I hardly check that from a week! Not in a position to chat either.

Came here today morning and got over with a big task! Dint expect that it would get over so easily! Different technique. Always different tactics wil help you learn more.

Just for a change, started listening to Limp Bizkit and Eminem here. Nice timepass along with work! The constant blabberring of Eminem and old tunes of Limp Bizkit are good to listen!

Well Donald has taken different routes to continue tease me. Enjoyin' that! Its nice to get irritated! Especially on those topics which i dont like! Keep goin Don!

Now listening to "Take a Look Around" by Limp Bizkit! Guess Mission Impossible got inspired by this song!

Well, nothin's hittin ma brain after this! Hope to blog tomorrow!



Donald said...

dont worrry dude, ill always be there to bother u.. he he he.. im like bethala..

Sandesh said...

I enjoy it maga!

Giuseppe said...

Eminem is a genious and is in a class of his own while Limp Bizkit are to far gone and have collapsed to dust nowhere to bee seen.

I appreciate good music but the Writing is much more Interesting cause I want to feel the Connection after all Music is supposed to take you on a Journey.