Thursday, September 01, 2005

Got placed in Subex Technologies!

I got placed in Subex Technologies! After a long waiting! These people are experts in making us wait! Beligge 8:30 ge hodre raatri 8:30 thanaka kayisiddare! But that waiting was worth waiting. Got a job! Aadru nange first kelsa sikkid kade bidakke bejaragaththe. Olle vaathavarana iththu.

The location is near Koramangala bus depot. Probably 20 kms from my house. Odadodu maththe oota ella naave maadkond hogbeku. 2.5 Lakhs CTC, 2 years bond and 3 Lakhs bond value. 2 1/2 months training. Will update about my new job once I join there by 9th of September.

Ellaru party keltha iddare! Friendsu, maneli, eega iro officalli ella! Ellargu kodisbeku! Hope I wont get bankrupt! Meanwhile friends are thinking of a gettogether! All the details in my coming blogs!

Lemme see ya in ma next blog!

Barthini. ;-)


Sabarish said...

congrats ddimagneba!

Sandesh said...
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