Friday, September 23, 2005

Open Source Vs Closed Source

Hi Everyone!

Ellrigu Namaskaara!

Eevaththu nann officinda blog maadtha iddini! Then bug in my mind today is open source Vs closed source! May be i'm the first to use the term "Closed source".

Ella aden kiththadthaarappa! Linux esht chennagide! Illa, Windows ashtu baraththa Linuxu? antha! Illi naanu ondh vishya helakke ishta padthini. Neither Windows is great nor Linux! Dont look everything comparitively! Linuxe ondh thara, windowse ondh thara! Idu ellithanaka hogide andre monne bussallu ide topic mele ibbru jagala aadtha iddru! Linux ashtu secure illa windows antha ivnu, hogolo- Windows ashtu user friendly idya Linuxu antha avnu! Why dont people think that they are seperate entities!

Linux develop aagidd reethine haage! Windows beledu banda environment innondh thara! Linux is a freesource and helps programmers better understand the internals of an OS! Haagantha Windowsalli adella kashta antha alla! It doesn't allow you have an access into the source bcoz it is well established in the market! ( may be! ) Windows was developed basically for the end users and some compromise had to be done in many areas.

Namm classalle esht discussion aagtha iththu goththa? We had two groups! .net group and a Linux group! I was a member of both the groups! so were others. Aadre Linux chennagide antha Seena ( Sorry for using particular names ), Illa, .net inna chennagide antha sabarishu! Nanganthu eradu ishta aadre naanu averadannu differenciate maadalla! I dont want to do that!

May be you have a belief that one of these two is better! I can't change your mind! Who knows somebody may come up with an OS totally different from these two architechture & people say that the new OS is good!

To wind it up, One shouldn't differenciate with these two sources!

Nanna mundina blog ge wait maadi!

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