Wednesday, March 22, 2006

asquarewholetheta released!

Will write this one in English! For the criticisers.

You guys must be wondering what the heck is this asquarewholetheta! Hope you didnt find it difficult to spell it! Well i'll split it for you now! Its a square whole theta! ((a)^2)^theta.

Well i'm the creator of this phrase. The credit goes to me. There is a strange history behind it! Well! i'll describe it later! I'll tell its purpose now.

Its meant to be (meant to be! sounds strange) my tech blog! You can watch it at
I was feeling like opening one long back, but was hesitating, i dunno why! Also many of my friends forced me to write a blog in English! Some compared me with the great Vaatal Nagaraj the idiot! ( I dunno why??) And hence this blog serves two purposes.

Many think that i'm a racist while in reality i'm not! Its just my concern to my state, Karunaadu aka Karnataka, my language Kannada. I get depressed by the attack of non-kannadigas on my language. It doesnt mean that i hate all non-kannadigas! I do have many non-kannadigas as friends. I like them coz they do respect our culture being in our land. I hate those who come to Bangalore (Karnataka in general) and dont have any respect towards it! I and every kannadiga feel like hitting them real hard!

Well back to ((a)^2)theta's history, It dates back to 1997. When i was in my 9th standard i.e when my sister was in her First PU, I was listening her talking sine theta, cos theta etc etc. I dint knew about htose things at that time and was feeling whether she has gone mad! what sense would it make, tan theta is the slope of a line where theta is the angle between the line and the x-axis..., sine 2 theta is equal to 2sine theta cos theta... ( blah blah... at that time!). I used to tease her by saying "a square whole theta" or "a square whole theta eshte?". I dont know why i chose that term! may be at that time i was listening to some part of what she said! May be i remembered only something and constructed this magical phrase.

I really liked it and was fond of it! I was asking asquarewholetheta whomever i met in those days just to irritate them! THey used to get bugged so much that they named me asquarewholetheta. Rally funny! I still like asquarewholetheta!

Well once i came to I PU and got to know about trigonometry, i was laughing at myself like hell! I really liked trigonometry! But i still like asquarewholetheta!

Hope you guys pour on more comments on this.

Right now i'm multitasking! Writing a blog, chatting with Donald and Daksha, waiting for Jagadish, helping airfan (a junior ) at office learning more about our product,listening to Children of Bodom and more which i cant list here! Really a mechaical life here in the office.

Hoping to create a better post in this blog soon!

Sandesh Karanth.


donald said...

Good you came up with english blog, also do write in kannada as it helps me improve my kannada.

and the asquarewholetheta is good name

Sandesh said...

Thank you maga! This blog is my official one and will remain the same!

nanuseena said...

every time you please dont talk about non kannadigaas and the fact you hate them.. it simply drags the blog nothing else.... hope you consider this point..